Artificial Intelligence Digitalizes Assistance in the Health Care Sector.

OneLink stands out for pursuing technological leadership through the development of outstanding customer service strategies. We have always strived to create innovative solutions, so our clients and strategic partners are ahead in a new changing reality.

Due to the actual global crisis, the health care sector is facing one of the most significant challenges in history: to adapt most of their face-to-face consultations to virtual ones, the key to success for most companies dealing with the digital transformation provoked by Covid-19.

This transition brought hard times for one of our clients in the health care sector. Due to this, their services collapsed causing significant delays in the response time on their calls. OneLink saw this as an opportunity to develop new solutions to handle the cases and attend the most number of people per day. 

As part of the digital transformation strategy, we created a ChatBot called Ana. A tech tool that allowed us to reduce the waiting time and speed up the scheduling process. Ana also helped us improving the interaction time by 30 seconds by scheduling more than 4,000 appointments per day, which represented a 220% efficiency increase compared to the 1,800 appointments scheduled before. 

Our technological approach also led us to increase the number of transactions received by Ana using Whatsapp as an interaction channel, allowing the operation to decrease the waiting time on the calls.

As part of our DNA and the current digital transformation, we look forward to developing technological tools for our clients and strategic partners. We strive to create a secure environment for our allies in the health care sector when executing automated processes.