Data Protection


ONELINK acknowledges the importance of security, privacy and confidentiality of personal information provided by users, customers, providers, employees and candidates to our Companies through the different enabled channels (websites, applications, printed documents and others included). We are committed to the protection and proper processing of the personal data, according to the legal regime of personal data protection applicable to each jurisdiction where we operate.

Therefore, we notify our  users, customers, suppliers , employees and candidates the following information related to Personal Information Holders; Type of Data, the Processing purposes to make possible the rendering of our service, the protection and rights you have as an Information Holder and the procedures for executing them.


COMPANIES may collect information and personal data from users, customers, providers, employees and candidates, which may vary due to local authority requirements. In accordance with the principle of transparency the following is a list of personal data that are Processed by the companies:

  • General Identification Data
  • Location information
  • Sensitive data


The information and personal data collected is used to process, confirm, comply, and provide the acquired services directly and/or with the involvement of other companies or third-party products or services providers. Promote and advertise our activities and services, carry out financial transactions for payment or collection, respond to legal procedures, make reports or respond to requirements of the various administrative authorities of control and surveillance, national or international police authorities or judicial authorities, banking entities and/or insurance companies, for internal and/or commercial administrative purposes, including market research, audits, accounting reports, statistical analysis, invoicing, fraud identification and prevention of money laundering and other criminal practices; and other purposes stated in our personal data protection policy.


The Information Holder is notified of the rights that the applicable laws grant him/her as a Holder of his/her personal data and which are set forth below:

  • Acknowledge, update and amend your information and personal data held by the entity responsible for Processing or in charge of the processing of your information and personal data.
  • Request proof of the authorization granted to the person responsible for the Processing, except when it is expressly exempted as a requirement for the Processing.
  • To be informed by the person responsible for the Processing or the person in charge of the Processing, upon request, regarding the use he has given to the information and personal data.
  • Submitting complaints to the competent authorities about infringements of the applicable personal data protection regulations.
  • Revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of information and personal data under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  • Access to your information and personal data that have been subject to processing, upon request to The Companies, under the terms of the applicable regulations in place. whenever an individual effects more than one inquiry a month, the Companies will charge the Holder who requests such information, the costs of shipping, reproduction and, where appropriate, certification of documents.


Responsible for the Processing: The companies.

Phone Number: 57 4 444 38 20




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Further information about our policy can be found in the link below:

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