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High touch, high growth, high-quality.

We love partnering with disruptive companies. OneLink's flexibility and capability to quickly scale new accounts, sometimes in multiple locations at the same time, has made us important allies for our clients looking to respond to market conditions while improving customer satisfaction during strategic changes.

OneLink's operation has perfected the fundamentals--project management implementation, recruitment, training, and coaching process are award-winning and recognized as top-tier. We deliver consistent results no matter the location or work-from-home solution. Our Customer Experience Team is involved to highlight technical opportunities that yield efficiency gains and automation possibilities.


Gamers supporting gamers.

We hire gamers. It is one of the most popular program types in our company. All of our Incredybles® must be familiar with and have a certain level of knowledge about our client’s games in addition to our stringent hiring requirements. This makes the training process smoother and ensures a gaming environment is promoted and maintained both onsite and work-from-home. ​

​Our Incredybles® play the games. They want to. We host tournaments and our Incredybles® regularly compete with each other. More importantly, they are trained and equipped to increase the lifetime value of your customers. Our In-App support allows your customers to continue their gameplay while they are playing, eliminating the frustration of waiting for support.



From bitcoin to banking, our services are secure and scalable.

From traditional banking to disruptive fintech companies, OneLink has extensive experience in all financial areas. Our services encompass a comprehensive collection of solutions to help banks and fintech companies react and adapt to changing market conditions that result in expansion of lifelong customers.

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Utilizing multiple tools and best practices, OneLink's Incredybles help manage customers through complex banking operations. Our expertise in the banking regulatory environment, banking and support systems, and account management services result in improved efficiency, optimized support cost, and growth.

Account Onboarding Procure to Pay
Account Servicing and Maintenance Order to Cash
Fraud Prevention Record to Report
Dispute resolution Hire to Retire
Payment Services General Ledger
Accounts Receivable Transaction Processing
Credit Advances Collections
Intercompany procedures Year-end closing
Bookeeping Forecasting
Budgeting Treasury support

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Travel & Logistics

Flying somewhere? Delivery to your home? Need a lift? We support all that.

The largest airlines, renown ride-share companies, and home delivery companies trust their customers with OneLink.

Our experience is vast. From sales, high value customer services, agencies, groups and corporate support, web support, baggage support, fulfillment, refunds and waivers, driver support, delivery updates, and the list goes on. We do it all. What's more is we have extensive autmation and chatbot experience and understand how to program a chatbot for the complications of airline reservation systems and other back end systems.

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We have the tools, capabilities and methodologies to manage logistics operations efficiently and safely. Our dynamic dispatch service includes route and fleet optimization, consulting and route mapping.​

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Retail Ecommerce

From online to brick-n-morter

OneLink's omnichannel customer experience coupled with its automated solutions are evolving as quickly as the expectations of today’s customers are continuing to become more technologically sophisticated. We support both buyers and sellers, bridging the gap to create a delightful experience for customers, utilizing the channel of their choice.

-Customer acquisition and maintenance
-Fraud prevention validating customer's information
-Payment assistance for seller and customer
-Assisted sales and conversion
-Deliveries resolution for sellers and customers
-Customer service and general inquiries
-SMEs that review content and suggest enhancements
-Control of credit and collections
-Returns and refunds


From customer service to certified nurses.

With more than 1,000 Incredybles® support UnitedHealth Group through a branch of prepaid healthcare services in Colombia. ​Among front and back office services, we also have certified nurses on-site that help validating medical appointments.

Our innovation initiatives include an RPA validates data in core applications, builds the patient's profile, updates their phone number and schedules an appointment based on availability.

-Medical appointments and follow up
-Approval/validation of exams by on-site certified nurses
-Customer service/general program inquiries
-Client’s records (names, contact numbers, etc.)
-Approval/denial of ambulance service
-Emergency room hospitalization
-COVID-19 Line


Energy & Utilities

Rise to new heights powered by the energy of our Incredybles®.

OneLink has over 12 years of experience serving some of the most iconic and largest energy retail providers and utilities. We understand the deregulated market and service multiple regions.

Customer service: customer inquiries related to billing, credit, payment arrangements
Retention: prevent customer losses, service plan changes, margin management
Escalations: solve customer inquiries that were escalated
Acquisition: new service setup, new enrollments, shopping around
Sales: new enrollments, renew contracts​
Email: Review requests send by customers regarding their account.
Back Office: market track transactions, billing issue, service disconnections, payment issue
Collections: collect payment, provide alternate solutions for in-debt customers​.


Over 2,000 Incredybles and growing.

We handle more than 20 different lines of business for the largest Telco providers in the US and Latin America. We are constantly evaluating needs on the voice and back office channels to implement digital initiatives and effciencies that enhance service quality, increase speed of answer, first contact resolution, reduce transfer rates, and minimize cost per transaction ultimately helping to maximize the customer experience and lifetime value of our client’s customers.

Servicing organizations from five countries covering a wide array of customer service, collections, telemarketing, technical support, and back office support, you are assured that OneLink has the experience and extensive industry knowledge to successfully deploy any project required.


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