OneLink and its Incredybles® planted 600 trees in Guatemala

Guatemala, September 9th, 2017. More than 400 OneLink volunteers lead the first “Sembrando Sueños” (“Planting dreams”) reforestation effort in the country. OneLink planted 600 trees in the Erick Barrondo Park, last Saturday, September 9th, 2017.

We at OneLink are constantly striving to raise awareness of our environmental needs, which is why we’re always looking to positively effect the world we live in. Because of that, we’ve set ourselves the goal of making our world a better place. To do so, we gathered 400 volunteers in Guatemala to lend the planet a hand and plant 600 trees in the Erick Barrondo Park, located in Zone 7 of the capital city.

OneLink’s culture of happiness is led by 6 values, however, this time around, Commitment and Solidarity stand out, being the driving force behind our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, OneDream. This program encompasses the special work we’ve been carrying out since our inception, 4 years ago, carrying out social initiatives involving the more than 7500 Incredybles® that make up our organization.

At OneLink, we acknowledge the consequences of deforestation, and we know that it affects everyone’s day-to-day life as citizens of the planet. Because of this, Incredybles® are excited to have the opportunity to participate in reforestation initiatives in every country we operate in: Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Colombia. We believe in helping to improve the quality of air in places where we live and, in that way, continuing being able to make dreams come true.

This is a regional movement, as we’ve begun activities in Medellín and Guatemala City, and will be doing so in El Salvador and Nicaragua in the following months. This first reforestation activity was carried out with support from EMPAGUA, the water treater and supplier company for Guatemala City and its surroundings, at the Erick Barrondo National Park.

During the activity, 600 jacaranda, rosy trumpet, and cedar trees were planted. Within 5 years, they should provide shade in a beautiful garden behind the sports center located inside the park. OneLink and its Incredybles® will conduct monthly outings to water and maintain the trees, and they donated, in a joint activity, piping and other material for the creation of an irrigation system, as well as spare parts for gardening equipment for the upkeep of the garden.

Eduardo Salazar, CEO of OneLink, remarked: “We want to make this into a regional movement, and bring others in into the need to make this a better world. If everyone puts in their grain of sand, we will soon be able to live in a purer, cleaner, environment. Being responsible for the planet is not a commitment of some, but a commitment of ALL of us who live in it.”


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