OneLink Incredybles® planted 1,000 trees in Guatemala City.

Guatemala, September 8th, 2018 – More than 550 Incredyble® Volunteers planted 1,000 dreams at the Ecological Park Ciudad Nueva, CALMECA, on September 8th, 2018.

Continuing on the long road raising awareness in the communities that surround us remains as one of the most important tasks for OneLink. Practicing the value of Solidarity in their daily lives, 550 Incredyble® volunteers joined efforts for the second time and planted 1,000 trees in the Ecological Park Ciudad Nueva, CALMECAC, in Zone 2 of the capital city.

Since its foundation, OneLink has shown its interest in being a socially responsible company and that is why, through its Social Responsibility program, One Dream promotes different activities in which its 8,000 Incredybles® in the region are involved. Social initiatives cover different areas of need such as collection of food for people who need it, donations and volunteering in local zoos, swamp cleaning, education for girls, among many others.

“Trees are the lungs of the planet and for this reason, we have focused on reforestation. Each time we carry out these activities, we seek to have a purpose and in this opportunity, the Incredybles® will plant Izotes and Bamboo that will serve to provide more safety to a path that runs through a large part of the park, and to serve as support for the mountain and thus, prevent landslides in the winter,” said Víctor Ramírez, Director of Operations in Guatemala at OneLink.

The regional plan consists of developing activities of this kind in all the geographies in which we operate. In 2018, we planted 3,000 trees in El Boquerón Park in El Salvador with the participation of 1,200 Incredybles®; in Nicaragua, we planted more than 900 fruit trees with 350 volunteers, and we will be in Colombia, on November 17th, to complete our goal for this year.

“This movement began five years ago when OneLink began, and we are excited to see that the Incredybles® are still interested in generating changes that will bring results in the medium and long term. In addition, we have been including their families, so they also feel that they are an important part of the changes we seek to generate in society. Last year there were 800 small trees, this year there are 1,000, and we hope that in 2019 there may be many more, “concluded Andrea Ibarguen, CHRO of OneLink.

We are a team of Incredybles® with a proven trajectory of more than 20 years in the Contact Center and BPO sector. We deeply believe in the Culture of Happiness, through which our agents live day to day and thus we achieve an exceptional experience in every interaction with our clients. Our experience is not focused only on the fulfillment of metrics, but on adding value to the relationship with our clients through strategic initiatives and innovation.