The best teams make the best moves! 

In OneLink, we strongly believe that our main client is undoubtedly each one of our Incredybles®. We do our job under the premise of believing that a happy employee is the best route to ensure an excellent service in each interaction. This is the reason and purpose to strive for our agents’ well-being, seeking to imprint on them a culture of happiness and excellent work environment, through our corporate values.

In such a demanding industry that strives for an excellent service from the first interaction, we have taken a step forward on pioneering positivity through happiness as a distinction in our working environment. We promote this initiative with each member of our organization, and it has proven efficient to successfully manage the experience of every customer from the accounts we work with.

One of our clients is a mobile game developer with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and offices in San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai. Since their launch in 2010, they have delivered 5 games to the global market, which are played by 150+ million people every day worldwide. OneLink offers player support via app with 350 job positions.

The need of providing the best service to the hundreds of players connected on a daily basis, making player support cost-per-service more efficient, providing bilingual support – English and Spanish, and fulfilling high operative metrics have become paramount requirements for our client to achieve their goal of being more efficient and guaranteeing an Incredyble® service to players.

Considering these needs, OneLink with its vision of being part of new markets through offering the best service and having our Incredybles® as a pillar, started operations and adopted its client’s vision: “The best teams make the best games.”


At OneLink we break the typical supplier-client relationship and take it to a relationship of Strategic Allies that combines the objectives of both organizations, with the purpose of positively impacting end users through a service that exceeds the expectations and indicators of any program. The project was implemented to provide our strategic partner with an effective, agile, and immediate solution to their current and future business needs. The program includes bilingual Increybles® with exceptional service skills who serve their end users with a flawless customer experience.


For OneLink it is vitally important to not only meet the needs of our strategic partners, but to also ensure that we go beyond their expectations. OneLink was able to clearly understand what the general objectives were and together build a solid relationship capable of generating a situation where both the objectives of our strategic partner and ours were met.


From the beginning of the implementation up to the stabilization of the program, there was an open and positive communication allowing for a synergy of ideas channeled through strong teamwork. Every effort led OneLink to become its client #1 provider, not just in terms of cost but performance as well. We set a new standard in customer satisfaction performance (from 80% to 91%) which raised the bar for all other global providers, and today, it allows us to be the service provider for 100% of players in Spanish and Portuguese, a percentage we reached in less than a year working with said client.


Our corporate values were the foundation for success, but the discipline and leadership of an incomparable Colombian team whose talent, ideas, commitment, and ability to work as a unit, to adapt and face an ambitious challenge, served as the real key to the success we have had as a program. We implemented an operation from Helsinki, Finland, we unlearned our usual service methods and adapted a whole new methodology to become the number one supplier of our strategic ally to cater to its global market. We have become a team with different tasks that have helped us achieve our current results.